Friday, July 6, 2007

When he poured, he reigned

We owe Mr. Rushton an apology.

We don't get out much. Sure, we'd like to, but the world is so big. And scary. And often cold. Typically, we huddle over the keyboard, one hand gripping a coffee mug filled with – on a good week – Jameson's. But to stave off the rumors of impending alcoholism, we sometimes find ourselves drinking "socially." During one of those unfortunate* outings, we discovered Nathan Rushton's former career slinging cocktails at a particular bar on, as the Arcata Eye refers to it, Tavern Row. Singularly focused as we are, we failed to delve deeper into Nathan's legacy.

For that, we are truly sorry.

Let the record show, Rushton's expansive bartending credentials include The Ritz, Lost Coast Brewery, Plaza Grill and Abruzzi. We have no doubt he makes a mean martini.

* The "unfortunate" had nothing to do with NR and everything to do with a certain blonde with a penchant for fruity drinks and maladjusted men. But we digress.


gafasiretsamtsop said...

Another idiotic post with no comments. Par for the course over here. Sucks to be you, loser!

Heraldo Riviera said...

gafasiretsamtsop confuses comments with a success.

Hank Sims said...

Just as often the opposite, actually.

Hey, look! Three comments!

Kevin L. Hoover said...


gafasiretsamtsop has some 'splainin' to do!

supergirl said...

Um, are you guys really this dumb?
"gafasiretsamtsop" is "postmaster is a fag" spelled backwards with no spaces. You guys just put this up on the blog twice, now it says it three times (four and five times, counting me). I figured it out in like two seconds.
Three Word Guys can't get it but this no-college-education hometown girl connects the dots?

Men... sheesh!

Kevin L. Hoover said...

That's really super, Supergirl – the stunning grasp of the obvious, that is. I think Scotland Yard is accepting applications, FYI.

The Fugs have a great song called Supergirl. Does anyone have the Golden Filth album? I'm looking for a new copy; mine's scratched.

Heraldo Riviera said...

I admit I didn't put the spelling reversal together, but it's totally obvious that an unfulfilled loser took the time to create a blogger account just so he could post some poopy comments here.

Kevin L. Hoover said...

Well golly gee, what frustrated dudes do we know who pretend to be a girl on the Interwebs.

There was Jan "I'm a married woman!" Johnson.

And Sarah "HSU journalism student" Homton.

sandbox said...

I agree, Heraldo. Until now it's been only like four or five people posting on this blog and then suddenly some weirdo starts up with the trolling...
Who do you think the shemale is Hoover? I have a sinking suspicion it's Bravo.