Friday, July 27, 2007

Everyone loves the ER! (Especially the advertisers!)

At first we thought Judi Pollace had moved to Oregon! But, noooooooooooooo.

Just your run-of-the-mill confusion. Oregon, California, same diff.

Out in Oregon, the Eureka Reporter was born out of a web site started in August 2004. After six months, it began printing as a free weekly, and in January 2006 it went daily with a circulation of about 10,000.

The family-owned paper’s philosophy is that no one should have to pay for news about their community and that ad rates should be kept affordable so that small businesses can flourish.

“We’ve gone back to basics,” says Judi Pollace, publisher. “This is what a community newspaper was 100 years ago. We’re hyperlocal. That’s why everyone loves the paper.

By all indications the philosophy is working.

Bolstered by ad rates that are kept in line with circulation at $17 an inch, compared with the competition’s $27-an-inch rate, the Reporter’s ad sales are up. So is circulation, to 25,000. That puts it ahead of its paid competition at 19,000, after just two and one half years.

Take that, "competition" – ha!

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