Friday, July 20, 2007

Editorial nonsense

The writing that is. This one's a three-drinker.

The whole thing makes our heads hurt.

Here's a highlight: " removal of the trees absolutely necessary or can trucks safely meander through the grove if drivers are steadfastly careful?"

The excerpt begs the questions, "Can trucks meander?" and "What if the drivers are merely careful, but not 'steadfastly' so?"

The big finish: "Perhaps all options have been studied and this is the net effect of that cycle, but it should be pointed out that a bypass around the grove has been on the table for decades without the state acting on it as it should have done."

Whoa. What? Can you hear those poor words screaming in pain as they're twisted into unnatural positions and made to form a sentence so vague and passive as to utterly fail in imparting meaning?

Thought so.

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