Friday, July 20, 2007

Feeling blue? w/additional update

Just as we supposed – Charles Horn, fired from KHSU 90.5 FM, has been hired for air duty by Ferndale-based KHUM 104.7/104.3 FM. Horn's popular blues show, 'The South Side,' will air on KHUM in its former KHSU time slot, 8 to 10 p.m. Friday evenings beginning August 3. MMMmmmmmreeeeeow!

What we wonder now is, who is the "female former station associate who requested anonymity for professional reasons"?

Someone who also defected to Lost Coast Communications? Hmmm... Could be interesting...

From your "diverse public radio" station KHSU: Sources report underwriter/business head honcho Charles Horn is now former Development Director Charles Horn. Further, despite the station's staid exterior, this firing is only the latest in a series of unpopular decisions made by General Manager Elizabeth Hans-McCrone.

With all the budget cuts"Then there was a report from the University Budget Committee, a group of faculty, staff and students who compiled a report ranking the importance of various university departments and programs. The committee was unanimous in placing First Street Gallery and the campus radio station KHSU dead last in importance to the school’s central mission" – is this a way to ensure H-M's own $82K salary remains unaffected?

Or will the loss of Bluesman Horn send the station further into financial decline?

Will Horn be swept up into the ever-growing tentacles of Lost Coast Communications (KHUM, KSLG and the Point), who employs not only other former KHSU employees/volunteers, Michael Moore, "Dr." Syd Reagan, and Jennifer Savage, but also The Journal's Hank Sims and the Arcata Eye's Kevin Hoover?

(Hoover also does news spots on KHSU and KMUD as well. Busy guy!)

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Kevin L. Hoover said...

If anyone has any thoughts on Charles' departure, feel free to contact me for my story. We can talk on background or foreground, preferably the latter.