Friday, July 27, 2007

Media incest, update – and redux! – and really, this must stop

From her former cohorts at the ER, news that the "wicked smart" Ashley Ramone is returning to KSLG where she'll join the er, awfully nice, Arcata Eye Scene Editor Jen Savage.

And, to connect the dots once again:

KSLG's Monica Topping writes an entertainment column for the T-S. (And dates "Humboldt County's youngest elected official" and a former, albeit briefly employed, Eye-staffer, Shane Brinton.) Way to rob the cradle, M!

The Journal editor, Hank Sims, has a talk show on one of Lost Coast Communication's other stations, KHUM.

Arcata Eye editor and publisher Kevin Hoover also sets loose Frank Zappa upon an unsuspecting population on KHUM, as well as serves up some mildly objectionable news features on both KHSU and KMUD.

The Fat Guys on Film, too big to remain confined by the pages of the T-S, broadcast on KSLG as well.

Eye photog extraordinaire Terrence McNally sings Judas Priest, while Fat Guy Chris Durant does a little Republican Duck Hunting.

Then you have the folks content to simply, oh, do good work. At least for a few more days.
The ever-vigilant Kevin Hoover has pointed out the following:

Jack Durham of the McKinleyville Press also does news for KHSU once a
week, as does Christine Sackey of the Humboldt Beacon.

Wendy Butler does Art Waves on KHSU.

Kevin and possibly Hank Sims do an occasional Friday Focus for KZPN
Bayside (JPR).
(While we at the NCP do not make a habit of encouraging vices – well, not all the time – we must insist you only listen to Wendy Butler interviewing artists after smoking copious amounts of the best weed you can get your hands on. Trust us, it's for the best.)
OK, one more, courtesy of Durant:

"James is in a band too. Anchorite and Mystic, they're playing all over the place in the next couple months. In fact we're playing together at Six Rivers Brewery, Aug. 11. Come on out and introduce yourself."

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