Friday, July 20, 2007

Editorial nonsense, con't

And in the other corner:

"The plaza in Arcata is the center of that community, both geographically and psychologically, so it is no small concern when the City Council considers ordinances that will impact that gathering place."

So wait... The plaza is not only the center of the town, but the center of the community's mind? Heavy...

"Residents aren't the only ones who love the plaza. So do the homeless and druggies...."

Oh, no! Homeless and druggies?! How do the people of Arcata survive such an invasion?

"Creating more reasons for residents and visitors to gather at the plaza could mean more reasons for street people to move their activities somewhere else."

When you say "street people," you mean the homeless and druggies, right? And yeah, they oughta go somewhere else! And take those smokers, drinkers, dog-walkers and sidewalk sitters with you!

"Unfortunately, Arcata doesn't seem ready for that experiment... In the end, such a half-hearted experiment will end up benefiting no one."

Look, if they're not ready for an experiment, then they can't also be performing a half-hearted one. Hello?! Consistency?

"Making the plaza a compelling and safe place to visit... will require creative ideas."

Again with the deep thoughts. Really, thanks for stating the obvious. So... Do you have any actual ideas on how to wrest the plaza from the tar-stained hands of the poor and the addicted?

T-S, you depress us.

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