Thursday, July 26, 2007

Imagine this as a bouquet of flowers

Oh, how completely remiss of us to not point out that GFS is back! Regrettably, his brush with death did nothing to sharpen up his writing whatsoever.
"Eureka has way too many traffic collisions and, in my opinion, leading the intersections for the potential worst-case scenario is the haphazard Myrtle and Sixth Street 'intersection,' if it can even be called that."

I prefer to call it “the intersection designed by those oblivious to the realities of the road.

Yes, Glenn-o, we get that it's your opinion – hence the name attached to the column. Oh shucks, he is kinda cute when he's got a cause isn't he?
Besides, international policy-makers (you and I know them as "the deciders") can finally start moving ahead, now that Glenn's back!

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