Thursday, June 7, 2007

Reporting on oneself is so rarely done gracefully

"Oh, yeah? Well, we're... we're... we're gonna get our mom! And she's gonna tell you!"
From the T-S: Ruling on legal notices is appealed

"The Times-Standard has appealed a judge's approval of The Eureka Reporter as a publisher of Humboldt County legal notices.

The Times-Standard challenged the free daily's claim that it qualifies as a newspaper of general circulation under California law, arguing that it does not meet the legal requirement of having paid subscribers. Superior Court Judge J. Michael Brown on April 9 ruled that voluntary donors meet the qualification, and approved The Eureka Reporter's petition.

...the prices the ER proposes to charge for legal notices are lower than those charged by several local weekly newspapers, which depend on revenue from legal ads much more than we do. We think the ER is playing the bully here. The local weeklies might not have the wherewithal to contest the local Advertisement court's decision, but we do.”

Other general circulation publications in the county that qualify to print legal notices include the Arcata Eye, Ferndale Enterprise, McKinleyville Press, North Coast Journal, and Humboldt Beacon."
Yeah, so take that, ER!

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