Friday, June 15, 2007

Credit where credit's due

Times-Standard kicking ass this week.

Well-written and relevant reporting. What started as breaking news was followed up and contextualized. Illegal immigration is all over the national news. The T-S gave readers a solid and, we can't emphasize enough, well-written, look at how deeply the issue affects us locally.

Well-played, Thaddeus. Well-played.

Oops, we almost forgot. The ER has some news, too.


Heraldo Riviera said...

Nailed it!

The paper T-S also has half a page of selected comments left on their website about the sweep. We got some thick racism in these parts.

Rose said...

Any comment on the fact that the Times Standard seems to have ceded all coverage of trials and the courts to the Eureka Reporter?

Each of the papers (countywide) has something good to offer, that's why we all read them (all.) People are hungry for something to read, and they like to be kept informed.

Give credit where it is due all around.

pendulum@rest said...

Thaddeus is a great writer. He's raising the bar at the T-S.

The Postmaster said...

True -- plenty of court coverage in the ER. A veritable buffet of bad men. A smorgasboard of sentencing. A plethora of plea-bargaining.

We're glad to see that Kara Machado stuck around despite rumors to the contrary a few months ago.

AnonyMiss said...

and about the garbage: I recycle everything, but living on the outskirts of town, I do not receive recycling pickup from my garbage company (Arcata). Recycling has become a major hassle and people either need to own a large vehicle to bring in their stored recycling or bring it in several times a week. It is messy and yucky to deal with it. I think the garbage companies would do so much better to allow a large container of mixed recylcing to be picked up along with the trash, and they could separate it into types themselves. Otherwise, people are throwing a lot of recyclables in the garbage for lack of proper alternatives. The new fees are a reflection of that- the garbage company has to raise the percentage of recycling vs solid waste or face more fees.